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No Sea Is the Same (Není moře jako moře)

Author's book with the author illustrations created by using the linocut graphic technique. Have you ever gone to sea to the north? Siblings Helena and Kryštof along with their parents went to our neighbours in Poland - and experienced a beautiful holiday. They rode on a boat, tasted Polish specialties and watched the spectacular flying kites festival on the beach. They rolled down the sand dunes, admired the view from the lighthouse but the deepest secret of what happened to them was that they found a magical amber. For easier and more enjoyable reading: • the story is divided into short chapters • font is a bigger size • the text is richly accompanied with illustrations - linocuts. Published by the Association for the Sedlčany and Hradec Králové regions in 2017.  Text: Markéta Vítková  Illustrations: Markéta Vítková, Jan Vojtěch Pejša, Matěj Jakub Pejša, Václav Ondřej Pejša  Size: 16.3 x 20.2 cm  Number of pages: 49  ISBN: 978-80-270-1088-2