Keramika Rosice (Czech Republic)

My name is Vlastimila Nepevná, I live in Rosice and produce different kinds of ceramic articles. In my ceramic workshop in Rosice u Brna I have been working on the production of ceramics since 1995. I produce the utility and decorative ceramics on the pottery circle. Small decorative items and jewelery.

My work is focused on rotated utility ceramics such as mugs, vases, jugs, candlesticks, jars, ashtrays, bells, and others. They are fired by a temperature range of 1150 to 1220 ° C (depending on the clay used). My products meet valid hygienic standards and can be used in a microwave and dishwasher.


I also create ceramic pendants, beads, earrings and small decorative objects as well as porcelain jewelry decorated with platinum.

I sell my production mainly in various city festivals, crafts and ceramics markets. Regularly on the traditional pottery markets in Beroun, Kunštát, the markets in Olomouc, the Christmas markets in Brno and elsewhere. My products I exhibited in 2003 at the exhibition "Folk Crafts and Folk Art Production" organized by the Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice.

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Ceramic products

Ceramic products - presentation of products

Ceramic set with orange flowers

Ceramic set with orange flowers - 7 pieces

Garden decoration - bowl

Garden decoration - bowl, average 25 cm

Polished blackened ceramics

Polished blackened ceramics - various forms

Stoneware jug

Stoneware jug - various forms

Stoneware set

Stoneware set - jug and four cups